"For so long, the best parts of geospatial technology has been reserved for select industries and uses. Imagine if we could unleash this to the masses and truly democratise its outputs? This is where Takor comes in."
(Amir Farhand, Founder & CEO)


The worlds supermap platform.

High-resolution maps of the Earth, updated in near real-time. Imagery provided by satellite companies, mapping providers, and drone operators all across the globe.


Your own custom digital atlas.

Share your maps online to anyone, anywhere, all with the click of a few buttons using a simple web interface. Unbeatable value. No downloads or training needed. Think of it as Dropbox for maps and imagery. Join the mapping revolution!


Advanced mobile mapping made simple.

Mappt is a powerful, offline Android GIS application used to capture and manage geospatial data in the field. Our low-barrier-to-entry GIS is designed for professional data collection, with easy to use tools that allow you to create, edit, store and share data with one light, mobile device.



Mobile mapping for defence and security.

Advanced tactical and situational awareness for training and active operations. GEOINT approved, with full NATO symbology support, offline drone and satellite imagery integration, with no service charges or lock-in fees.