Meet the Team

Amir Farhand - CEO & Founder

Amir’s fascination for geospatial technologies and applications has earned him over 15 years experience in the industry. During this time he has worked in various markets combining these disciplines with information technology, and has written and co-authored several technical papers in the field of satellite imaging and geospatial technology.

Amir founded Takor Group in 2009, initially focusing on the application of thermal imagery in the mining and energy sectors. Combining his love of innovation and entrepreneurship, Amir has spearheaded Takor’s product suite starting with Mappt in 2012.

He is incredibly passionate about the combination of technology and business in the betterment of humanity, and excited for what the future holds.

Fun fact: he used to be a radio station mascot.

Joel Malone - Head of Engineering

Joel has been a software developer for over 15 years, where he has gained extensive experience deploying products across mobile, web and desktop. He has worked in the finance, GIS, government and mining industries, but has returned to GIS as he’s passionate about bringing data and the real world together to reveal the hidden details about our day-to-day lives.

Fun fact: Joel wants to be able to run an SQL query on the contents of his house. What a nerd.

Hayley Baldwin - Marketing & Communications

Back in London, Hayley thrived as a fashion and beauty journalist after obtaining a first-class BA Honours degree in English and Creative Writing, followed by a PG Cert in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism. When she moved to Perth she changed her career as well as her home, and is now Takor’s Marketing and Communications Coordinator. However, her lipstick and designer handbag obsession has stayed the same.

Fun fact: she got dressed up and worked as a plumber for a day to write a feature about how women are treated in blue-collar roles.

Piotr Dancewicz - Business Analyst

Piotr (Peter) has built up 20 years of online marketing and business consulting experience. He has a great deal of knowledge with IT systems and mobile software development, and can whizz up a mean green smoothie, which is a real bonus!

Fun fact: he used to have long curly hair that his mother loved.

Chris Lowe - Engineering

Chris has a Bachelor of Computer Science and has worked for Takor for over two years, building Android, iOS, web and desktop applications. He is passionate about mobile and location based technologies and has a keen interest in imaging technologies and embedded systems. One day he hopes to develop software for the aerospace industry and for virtual reality devices.

Fun fact: Chris started programming at nine years old and built his first computer at 11!

Marek Tlacbaba - Engineering

Fed up of the cold weather, Marek left Czech Republic in 2014 for the sunnier shores of Perth. Back in Czech Republic he completed a Master’s degree in Information Systems at Masaryk University. He then went on to pursue his passion for developing mobile and backend technologies and has worked on international Java EE projections.

Fun fact: he was deputy mayor of his hometown of Jamne for two years. No biggie!

Amita Bajaj - Engineering

After completing her degree in computer science at Panjab University, Amita obtained a Master’s of Computer Applications then a PGDip in computer applications. Once she was happy with her qualifications, she began building a wide range of mobile applications. Now in Australia, Amita is a fantastic addition to our engineering team and uses her skills to develop, test and maintain Takor’s mobile applications.

Fun fact: outside development she loves travelling and playing Sudoku.

Siobhan Herne - Marketing and Communications

Siobhan is a young communications enthusiast. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, Siobhan began consulting in digital marketing, branding and project coordination. She gets her buzz from trends, whether it be in technology, business, fashion or food. Siobhan is determined to uncover the secrets of successful communication in the ever-changing digital realm.

Fun fact: Siobhan sometimes gets dressed up and does karaoke dance parties for kids!