Scantherma R&D 2 Images revealed.

If you have not guessed what the Thermal images from our last R&D blog entry were from here it is.


Hot water

Boiling water in bowl.

All the thermal images from our previous entry were of this ordinary bowl, or rather what was in it. Boiling hot water.

The patterns were formed in a few ways. The vortex images for instance were caused by moving a small spoon through the water in a horizontal pattern. The wake caused small curly shapes that could only be seen through a thermal camera. Other patterns were formed by mixing the water with the spoon, pouring cold water into the hot water and throwing in some Ice. Mixing a small amount of detergent into the water gave us the final image labelled Pumice in Lava. The images owe their colours to the different Thermal Palettes that were used when post-processing them. The thermal range was also limited in some images to accentuate the hottest or coldest areas in the image.