Apply for Takor’s Female Summer Internship

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with WiTWA (Women in Technology WA) to create a position for a female intern over the summer.

This is to show our support for women in technology, and to also encourage them to consider a career in the exciting geospatial industry. So if you are or know a woman with a passion for GIS or skills in technology, read on to hear how to apply!


This internship has been created to give one female a hands on experience in a technology company and the opportunity to make valuable contacts. Furthermore, as a geospatial company we would also like to encourage them to consider a career in the rapidly growing GIS industry.

The paid position will commence over the summer for eight weeks full time, or part time if the chosen candidate is still studying. They will work in our Perth office and gain experience by working on either Mappt or Kojai. The tasks given will vary depending on their skills, so they could be doing anything from writing code, web development or graphic design.

To be eligible for the internship, applicants must:

  • Be female
  • Have skills in the technology field
  • Show evidence of interest in a career in the technology industry
  • A passion for GIS/geospatial technology is preferred but not essential

Application Procedure

To apply for the eight week paid postion, please send us your CV plus a covering letter. This covering letter should introduce yourself, outline your skills and have a 300-500 word article describing how you think technology will change the world in the near future, highlighting geospatial technology.

Closing Date

Applications must be sent to before Friday 20th November 2015.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Good luck!

Scantherma R&D 2

Welcome to the second Scantherma R&D post. As mentioned in our last post, we at Scantherma conduct a fair few experiments to help us gain a better understanding of the technologies that we use for our everyday work. In doing this “R&D” we can come up with better techniques that can ultimately save time and enhance the quality of our process and end product.  Here are the second set of images.


R&D Image 1 ( Maelstrom 1 )


R&D Image 2 ( Maelstrom 2 )


R&D image 3 ( Maelstrom 3 )


R&D image 4 ( Freeze Ray )


. R&D Image 5 ( Ink & Blood )


R&D Image 6 ( Vortex 1 )


R&D Image 7 ( Vortex 2 )


R&D Image 8 ( Volcanic Rock )


R&D Image 9 ( Pumice in Lave )

That’s all  for the second round of R&D images. It is amazing what one can see through a Thermal Camera. The invisible becomes visible. As before try to guess the subject matter of the above images. The Digital photos will be revealed next week so stay tuned.