Takor Group has been featured many times by credible publications both online and off. Here are a selection of articles featuring the company as a whole, or its technologies.

05/07/17 – Military Technologies: Mobile GIS Market to Grow at a 10.04% CAGR Forecast to 2020 Mentioning Key Vendors Trimble, Takor Group… (Takor)

21/06/17 – Australian Financial Review: Finding a way to link to the platoon by smartphone (Mappt Military)

11/05/17 – Defence Connect: Australian geospatial startup targets US military sector (Mappt Military)

28/04/17 – Defence Connect: How game-changing geospatial technology is shaping the modern military (Mappt Military)

28/03/17 – Australian Financial Review: ‘Google Earth on steroids’, Takor Group to list on the ASX (Takor)

28/03/17 – Business News WA: Takor renews ASX listing plans (Takor)

28/03/17 – ZDNet: Takor Group to raise AU$8m ahead of ASX debut (Takor)

28/03/17 – Business Insider: Ebola-mapping Australian startup with $66,000 revenue is aiming for an $8 million IPO (Takor)

10/9/15 – Business Insider: Australian tech leaders react to Apple’s latest product releases (Kojai)

14/08/15 – Start Up Smart: Xero sum game: List early to avoid “blood-sucking” venture capitalists, Takor founder says (Takor)

12/08/15 – Start Up Smart: Tips for retaining employees from Takor’s Amir Farhand (Takor)

12/08/15 – Project Geo: GEOINT 2015 – Mappt (Mappt)

13/07/15 – The Holiday and Travel Blog: FREE Photo-Sharing app from Perth Puts your Moments on the Map (Kojai)

03/06/15 – GIS Cafe: Alistair Hart, Evangelist – Mappt (Mappt)

03/06/15 – Smart Company: How Amir Farhand took geospatial company Takor from an office in his re-mortgaged home to the ASX (Takor)

19/05/15 – Spatial Source: Perth geospatial startup enters the ASX (Takor)

14/05/15 – BRW: ‘Brokers give you this blank look’: why geospatial mapping start-up Takor is listing through the back door (Takor)

12/05/15 – Herald Sun: Mapping firm Takor makes ASX debut (Takor)

12/05/15 – The Australian: Mapping firm Takor makes ASX debut (Takor)

12/05/15 – Business Spectator: Mapping firm Takor makes ASX debut (Takor)

23/03/15 – A Luxury Travel Blog: 6 tried and tested travel accessories from my latest trip (Kojai)

22/12/14 – LBx Journal: Efficiency in the Field Arrives with One Device (Mappt)

19/07/14 – The Australian: An insider’s guide to Vancouver Island (Kojai)

24/06/14 – Start up News: Startup Story: Kojai Shares Your Photos On A Map (Kojai)