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Thermal Inspections to detect mould

At the beginning of 2011, Queensland was heavily affected by wet weather that eventually led to widespread flooding. The flooding in combination with high humidity caused damp and mould to appear in many homes and businesses in Brisbane and Ipswich and many other surrounding towns. As many of us are aware, mould is a health […]

Thermal inspections before buying property

For most of us, buying a property is the biggest investment of our lives, which can be very exciting but unfortunately for some it can be a nightmare. However, Scantherma’s thermal inspections before buying a property can help you take comfort in your decision by allowing you to see what the eye can’t. A Scantherma […]

WA braces itself for higher electricity bills…again!

More big power bill shocks in pipeline From The West Australian 26 Oct, 2011 WA households face a decade of electricity price rises at triple the rate of inflation as the State Government scrambles to keep up with the escalating cost of delivering power. An analysis by _The West Australian _ reveals massive prices rises […]

Study uses MODIS satellite to assess urban heat flux

In the past couple of years, we have had many projects using MODIS and ASTER imagery for mineral exploration. However it is important to also highlight other ways which these satellites can be used to study human geography and environmental science. The following is an interesting article from Science Daily about using the MODIS satellite […]

Scantherma supports WA’s Model Solar Challenge 2011

We are proud to be involved in this years Model Solar Challenge which was held on the Fremantle Esplanade on the 20th and 21st of October. The weather was great and we got to see many aspiring innovators of solar energy.  The focus for the challenge was to connect with primary and secondary school students, […]

Scantherma attends Green Heart Fair in Brisbane

Scantherma was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Green Heart Fair in Brisbane last Sunday, the 16th of October, 2011.  The focus of the event was to showcase sustainability and energy efficiency in homes and businesses in Brisbane and south-east Queensland. Here is the article that was published in the Southern Star newspaper […]

Geo-corrected vs Ortho-rectified: GeoEye-1 case study

Ortho-rectified imagery is sometimes the most overlooked spatial component when it comes to obtaining and processing satellite imagery. A client recently approached us to process some GeoEye-1 imagery. The client wanted to use the data for a number of things: a) assist with geological mapping, b) overlaying of assay results and, c) potential access road […]

Using vegetation as thermal insulators for your home

Using vegetation as thermal insulators for your home For a long time now there has been a lot buzz about using natural vegetation as thermal insulators for your home. In this post we will be discussing how to correctly use native or deciduous trees and other landscaping elements, not only natural beauty but also for […]