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Top Three Android tablets for Field use with Mappt.

When using Mappt in the field there are two main requirements. 1: Mappt 2: Awesome Android tablet Mappt we can provide, but you will have to take care of the Tablet part. This is in fact the harder of the two tasks as there are hundreds of Android tablets to choose from. If you are […]

Loading Tiled Imagery into Mappt

Last week I posted an article about Mappt supporting Compact Cache Bundles but did you know it already supports tiled imagery.  The difference between the two is that tiled imagery is exploded so each tile is it’s own image file.  There are three bit’s of information a tile needs to display on a google map. The Level […]

Managing Sensitive Areas with Mappt Geofences

A necessary aspect to field operations is knowing exactly where your field work needs to be performed.  Taking this concept a step further, sometimes it is even necessary to know where your field work should not be performed.  To assist team leaders and field workers in this, Mappt supports the ability to define “Geofence” polygons, which […]

Mappt now supports ArcGIS Compact Cache Bundles

We are pleased to announce that Mappt now supports ArcGIS Compact Cache Bundles. Loading in your own satellite imagery is a common feature request for Mappt  and it’s not hard to see why.  Accessing your own imagery from a tablet gives GIS professionals and field workers the unprecedented power of being able to stand inside their data […]

Useful apps (from other people) for Mappt users

When developing software, it’s important not to overload with features that the majority of people don’t have a need for. Instead we are working to make the best Android based software for getting your data from the field to the office. So rather than adding a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, we have been […]

Landsat 8. Seeing the world change

The Earth is constantly changing and never before were we able to see it in such detail. For the past 4 decades the Landsat mission has been giving us invaluable Earth imagery. Now with Landsat 8 (formally Landsat Data Continuity Mission) images are streaming back to earth in greater detail and resolution. Below are some examples […]

ESA launches PROBA-V Satellite

When you hear of a satellite being launched what pictures come to mind? Probably something like this. Well that may be so. But never judge a book by its cover, or in this case size. Now the European Space Agency has launched the PROBA-V, the newest in the PROBA series  of mini-satellites to monitor Earth’s vegetation. […]

Mappt v1.4.2.2 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of version of Mappt for Android. You can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store: Read below for the new features in this version! Apply Style to Layer This version contains a sorely missed feature – the ability to edit the styling of […]

The Mappt Development Cycle

Software development is easy, but managing software development is hard.  When asked for timelines on feature requests, software developers will offer vague answers such as “soon”, “next release” or the ever-helpful “it’s on the roadmap,” expertly avoiding a definitive answer as well as the best politician. As Mappt is a new product, feature requests come […]

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 3D

Researchers at EOMAP, a German aquatic remote sensing company, have for the first time created a 3D digital map of the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem covering an area close to 350,000 square kilometers. EOMAP used satellite imagery and state of the art software to map […]