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Tree hugging Koalas

Every one knows how hot the Australian wilderness can get – here at Scantherma we’ve certainly had more than our fair share of experience. We usually slip, slop, slap and find cover to escape the heat, but what if you’re a little furry marsupial? Most Australian fauna will hide from the sun by burrowing underground, seeking shelter in […]

The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370; an image engineering approach

Scantherma will be holding a presentation for Engineers Australia to showcase its methods using different image engineering to assist with the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The presentation will be held at the Engineers Australia WA Division in West Perth. Details to follow: Abstract On the 8th of March 2014, Malaysian Flight MH370 disappeared. […]

Landsat 8: different strokes for different folks

Ever since the launch of the latest Landsat series of satellites by NASA, Landsat 8 has been actively collecting 11 bands of imagery with fantastic clarity. Landsat 8 so far has been very successful and it will soon take over in popularity of Landsat 7 as the most popular Earth imaging satellite. However one thing to […]

Perth remote sensing firm on MH370 mission

By Liam Croy [Story as it appeared in The West Australian – 3rd of April, 2014] A Perth remote sensing company has been tasked with finding the wreckage of MH370. Welshpool-based Scantherma applies its mapping and imaging technologies across a range of residential, commercial, agricultural and resources projects. From iron ore exploration in the jungles of West […]


As many of you may have read on our Blog a few months ago, FLIR showcased a new gadget – a FLIR thermal camera sensor and lens built into a custom iPhone case, thus creating something that had not been seen before: a mobile phone capable of capturing and editing actual thermal imagery. Unlike many prototypes […]

Cooler Roofs Reduce CO2 Emissions

As cool as a shiny new black sports car is there is wisdom in choosing one with a white paint job. With the sun bombarding the cars body the black paint will naturally absorb more of that energy and the white car will reflect it. This for some is a matter of life and death […]

Landsat Satellites catch deforestation red handed

Illegal deforestation can no longer remain hidden The World’s forests are shrinking at an alarming and uncontrollable rate. There are of course a wide rage of causes ranging from cleared land for farming and ranching to mining and timber cultivation. Many of these take place within the some times thin and dotted boundaries of local […]

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

As our society advances we become a little wiser and learn from our mistakes. We also learn more about our environment and how we fit in it. The Earth’s population is rising rapidly and at this point in time it can be said that humankind is directly impacting the environment more than ever before. As […]

Visually Classifying Your Maps by Attributes

Tired of staring at the same, drab, mess of lines and polygons? Having trouble finding the shapes you want? Mappt now has support for Classifications, allowing you to style your features according to the numeric or text values in the layer’s attributes. Here we have some geological zones. As is typical with datasets, it’s not […]

Mappt v1.4.3.7 Now Available

Merry Christmas from the Mappt team!  We are pleased to announce the release of version of Mappt for Android. You can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store: Read below for the new features in this version! Classifications  Mappt now has the ability to style your features according to their […]