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Apply for Takor’s Female Summer Internship

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with WiTWA (Women in Technology WA) to create a position for a female intern over the summer. This is to show our support for women in technology, and to also encourage them to consider a career in the exciting geospatial industry. So if you are or know a […]

Mobile Thermal Cameras

Just like all things technology, Thermal Imagery is advancing rapidly. In the past year alone there have been some considerable breakthroughs with thermal cameras. As most electronics advance, shrink, become faster and more affordable, so has the thermal camera. Last year in 2014 FLIR discretely unveiled its concept and prototype for a mobile phone mounted […]

The Lodos winds and the Sahara

Dust from the Sahara Desert sweeps over the Mediterranean sea and into Turkey. On February 1st 2015 Western Turkey and Greece experienced something quiet surreal, a strong south-westerly wind that was so strong that it produced large waves, damaged buildings and had many flights grounded in both countries. This wind which the local Turks call […]

FLIR vs Fluke

Which is the best thermal camera, FLIR or Fluke? This is a question we get asked all the time by those who are either looking to purchase a thermal camera, or use our thermal imaging service. To start with we are a FLIR distributor in Perth, Australia and only offer and support FLIR products, so […]

The FLIR Ex Series

The FLIR Ex Thermal Cameras FLIR has an ever growing range of thermal cameras that meet any need you could think of. From tiny little thermal sensors that fit onto your iPhone, to large scale surveillance units, they’re used by scientists, military, law-enforcement, educational institutions and trades-people. If you’re the latter, there’s a particular series that’s […]

Using Thermal Cameras for Pest Inspections

No matter where you live in the world, you share your habitat with other creatures. Some are tolerable, but others like the termite are pests. Although there are approximately 4000 termite species, only about 10% are a nuisance to humans. Those that pose a threat to our homes are mostly subterranean and have very specific […]

FLOCK of Doves

Planet Labs, a relatively new private satellite company based in San Francisco has launched 28 Doves into space. Why would anyone release doves into space you may ask. Well these are no ordinary doves, they are micro imaging satellites.   In January this year Planet Labs sent the small “Flock” of their satellites on board the Antares rocket […]

Digital Globe’s Worldview 3 Launched

Digital Globe’s WorldView-3 multi-spectral Earth observation satellite was successfully launched on board a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket on August 13th. Taking off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California the Atlas 5 rocket carried the nearly 3 tonne satellite into a polar sun-synchronous orbit at about 629 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. It’s the 10th of 15 launches planned by United Launch Alliance for […]

Digital Globe’s World-View 3

WorldView-3 prepared and ready for launch Ball Aerospace’s WorldView-3 satellite has arrived at the Vandenberg Air Force Base ready for launch. It has gone through and passed a full suite of environmental, functional and performance tests in preparation for integration with the launch vehicle, an Atlas 5  Rocket, along with thorough pre-ship reviews by Ball Aerospace and DigitalGlobe. Slated […]