Introducing Nudge: Takor’s Hackathon Mobile App!

13 November 2017

We’ve been working hard and fast! The Takor developer team has just completed their first Hackathon, a one week sprint to create a brand-new app.

The App

Introducing Nudge, a fast, funny and free way to send and hide messages to your friends – waiting to open in specific locations!

Nudge lets you leave location based messages (Nudges) to friends in places you think they’ll go. The recipient won’t get the nudge until they are in a specific location.

  • Send memories to friends – “Remember our first date here <3”
  • You can set reminders for yourself or others – “Don’t forget the milk honey!”
  • Let people know your favourite place to eat – “This place is awesome, you should get the pancakes!”
  • React to your friends’ Nudges – Laugh, cry, smile or get mad!
  • Invite new friends and Nudge the world!

Whether you’re pranking your mates or welcoming friends to a new city, Nudge is the new fun way to communicate!

How did we do? Check out Nudge on your Android device here:

The Process

The original plan was to begin end-to-end testing by the end of day 2, leaving 2-3 days iteration and refinement.

Ultimately, the first end-to-end run-through of the app was performed near the end of day 4, leaving only 1 day of iteration and refinement.

Due to this timeframe, we only had enough time to fix critical issues, meaning many non-critical bugs and UX issues still remain.

The original timeframe of 2 days of development + 3 days of refinement may have been unreasonable, and the actual timeframe of 4+1 days didn’t leave enough time for refinement. We are aiming for 3+2 days for the next hackathon.

We utilised a Kanban style of project management, with a steady stream of ongoing work rather than dividing work into defined sprints and goals.

This worked well for the team, as the priorities were fluid and there were many unknowns.  Kanban allows us to adjust development focus easily.

The Architecture

The architecture of the app can be broken down into three components: The Firebase backend, the Android Geofencing API with associated background services, and the user interface.

For Nudge, Geofencing was a key feature crucial to the inner workings of the app.

The Android API allows you to set a ‘geofence’ of a chosen radius at a point on a map.

When the user of the device walks into an active geofence, the device sends the message to the app.

The thing is, Android is pretty crazy on power consumption…

It limits background services to only receive location data intermittently and combines sources of location data to avoid using GPS at all costs.

Unless the app is open and in the foreground, it cannot have continuous access to location.

So, we put our thinking caps on to solve this problem.

Setting a larger geofence allows the Android Location Service to have a better chance of locating the Nudge and the user’s relation to it, as it detects location roughly every 4 minutes.

We set the limit to create geofences at a minimum of 200 metres wide, thus ensuring Android was definitely detecting incoming nudges.

The Outcome

The Takor developers surpassed expectations individually and as a team, achieving more than what we thought possible in a single week.

Only a few features from the planning phase went unimplemented in the final outcome.

Thanks for tuning in and we’d love you to check out the new app!

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