Takor Group Delivers Free Access of Mobile Mapping App ‘Mappt’ to Organisations Responding to Natural Disasters

September 19, 2017

Takor Group is offering free licenses of their mobile GIS and data collection app, Mappt, to support the immediate response and recovery process in the aftermath of frequent hurricanes affecting the United States and Caribbean nations.

Any agency or organisation involved in the response to Hurricane Harvey, Hose, Irma and now Maria, can simply email to receive a complimentary licence of Mappt Standard for the duration of the disaster relief effort.

Mappt (www.mappt.com.au) is a globally recognised mobile GIS and data collection application used in an array industries ranging from mining, environmental and agriculture through to logistics, defence, and livestock tracking, used in over 80 countries worldwide. For those who require offline geographic data on a mobile device, Mappt provides an affordable, user-friendly and dynamic mobile mapping solution for both Android and iOS platforms.

Hurricane Maria Mappt Mobile GIS

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to those affected by these tragic occurrences.” said Takor’s CEO & Founder, Amir Farhand. “We know the initial and enduring problems will be massive and hope to provide some assistance in the road to recovery for Texas, the Caribbean and the US East Coast”

Takor is dedicated to helping in this effort by offering any government agency, NGO or other response team, unlimited and free access to Mappt for as long as needed.

Mappt has been used for disaster management and response in the past, as it provides a portable, offline, easy-to-use platform for viewing, collecting, tracking and mapping data, by utilizing the power of location.

Mappt has been used to manage the Ebola outbreak in in West Africa in 2014, for tracking and managing cheetah populations in Iran and for wildfire management in Australia and the US.

The mobile app enables field workers to gather data in an efficient manner, work offline in remote areas without internet access and view, edit and share location based geographical data on Android tablets and smartphones.

harvey recovery2

“Geospatial data collection, integration and spatial analysis while disaster response teams are out in the field, is critical to the successful response to natural disasters.”, said Alistair Hart, Managing Director of Mangoesmapping.

Mappt is also currently available in the following languages; English; Spanish; Portuguese; Hindi; Indonesian; French; Japanese; Korean; and Farsi, for those in non-English speaking affected areas.

Mappt is ideal for fast deployment in disaster situations and has become an invaluable tool for public response disaster groups and for the United States’ first responders.

Mappt Military is the US Military’s custom version of the mobile GIS and data collection app. It equips soldiers with a geospatially enhanced situational awareness, enabling military personnel to process data in the field faster and more accurately, ensuring better tactical decision making.


We urge other organisations, customers and groups in the geospatial community to join us in supporting the relief effort. Please email for free access to Mappt now.


About Takor Group: Takor enables businesses and consumers to harness the power of location through advanced geospatial mobile technology. Takor aims to democratise the growing geospatial industry by providing affordable, practical and accessible solutions to all. Takor’s current commercial products include Mappt, a powerful mobile GIS and data collection application; Mappt Elements (iOS version) and; Mappt Military (US Department of Defence bespoke version).


Contact Information:
Siobhan Herne
Takor Group
Perth, WA, Australia

+61 488 131 315