As many of you may have read on our Blog a few months ago, FLIR showcased a new gadget – a FLIR thermal camera sensor and lens built into a custom iPhone case, thus creating something that had not been seen before: a mobile phone capable of capturing and editing actual thermal imagery.

Unlike many prototypes that made it no further than the concept stage, FLIR has pushed their prototype Thermal Camera iPhone case into consumer production.  The FLIR One, as it’s called, is now available for purchase for less than $350 USD.  Some may think that $350 is a lot to pay for an iPhone case with another camera on it, but compared with it’s closest living relative, the FLIR E4, which is priced at around $1600 AUD, it’s a no-brainer.


The new FLIR One iPhone case, sporting a very sleek design, thermal camera and sensor and a built in battery. Very nice!

With the FLIR One, small business owners and enthusiast now have a way to see what’s hot and what’s not without breaking the bank.  But remember, for all the big boys, FLIR has a large range of hand held and fixed thermal cameras that are sure fit your needs.

For more information on the professional thermal imaging solutions Scantherma offers from FLIR please visit our Thermal Camera website here, or drop in to our Perth office for a free consultation.