Mappt v1.4.2.2 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of version of Mappt for Android.

You can download the latest version of Mappt from the Google Play store:

Link to download Mappt from the Google Play store

Read below for the new features in this version!

Apply Style to Layer

This version contains a sorely missed feature – the ability to edit the styling of a vector layer and all features within it.  This is handy when you have loaded a Shapefile that contains hundreds of features, and you would like to make it prettier than the default red.

Picture of the Layer Style Dialog

The new Style tab on the Layer Properties dialog.

Overhauled “Jump To” Dialog

The Jump To dialog has been overhauled and now allows you to jump to any location, in any format, i.e.:

  • Decimal Degrees, e.g. -32.012° 115.507°
  • Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, e.g.  32° 0’46″S 115°30’27″E
  • UTM, e.g. 50 H, 359044 E, 6457171 S
  • Address, e.g. Rottnest Island, Australia
Image of the Jump To dialog in Mappt

The overhauled Jump To dialog.

Bug Fixes

Lastly, we squashed a few bugs in this release and are taking suggestions on good boot-cleaning products.

Don't worry, Mappt has less bugs than this.

Don’t worry, Mappt has less bugs than this.