Mappt at AfricaGIS 2013

Mappt’s Africa representative Intelpix Consulting has been showing the wares at the AfricaGIS 2013 conference in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.

With a great turnout at AfricaGIS 2013, Mappt has seen a very positive response from those looking at its potential in collecting data in the field all across the African continent.

Many of the issues facing people collecting field data in Africa are the same ones faced in Australia’s remote areas and the cost of many of the other tools that could be used are greater than end users can afford.

Mappt can provide African businesses and government agencies a cost effective tool for collecting field data and improving their GIS data quality generally. By combining Mappt with a tablet and case, it’s a great solution for remote field data collection needs.

Check out the photo gallery below to see the more about Mappt at AfricaGIS  2013.