FLIR’s prototype iPhone Thermal Camera attachment

Almost every one has a smart phone these days and among the most popular is the apple iPhone.

The iPhone is a sleek robust user friendly device that allows you to play games, surf the net, take photos and make the occasional phone call. Now it can do one more thing.

With the Help of FLIR you can now use your iPhone to take Infrared Images. The FLIR prototype iPhone attachment allows the user to look at the world around them in the infrared spectrum and take thermal images of practically anything they can point at.


FLIR iPhone Thermal Camera

FLIR iPhone Thermal Camera

At the heart of the unit sits FLIR’s new Quark core which is small enough at three quarters of an inch to enable the capture of images at .3 megapixels or 640 x 480 pixels. A 13 mm lens mounted on the back just above the iPhone’s own camera allows the user to capture detail from more 100 meters away. The unit also comes with it’s own battery supply so it won’t put an extra burden on the iPhone’s power.

Although this is a commercial prototype it has caught the eye of the military who want it implemented onto troop gear such as guns and helmets. But for this prototype to become commercially viable it will ultimately have to drop a few pounds. The image quality and resolution, and the thermal sensitivity will suffer here in order to make the devices cheap enough to build thus making them affordable for the target market.

FLIR’s iPhone Thermal Camera attachment will be available in the very near future.