Scantherma is proud announce the launch of Mappt™

Mappt is a new game‐changing Android app for technical and professional staff who need to record data in the field and then seamlessly integrate it with desktop GIS systems. Mappt will change how spatial information is created, used, edited and shared between the field and the office. 

Born in the Aussie outback

The concept for Mappt was born in the dusty outback of WA when the Scantherma team was completing field work for validation of iron ore targets acquired using ASTER imagery.

“We were on a field trip into the bush as part of a client project and the tools we had were just not good enough,” said Amir Farhand, Scantherma’s CEO.

“We needed something more flexible that would be easier to use with a better battery life than a laptop. That’s where Mappt started, aimed at shifting GIS and mapping tools to a tablet without relying on other proprietary technology.”

While it will not replace the desktop applications necessary for the storage and analysis of large volumes of data, Mappt will create a faster, simpler, lower cost and more flexible method for accurate field data processing and collection.

Users range from geologists and environmental officers, field workers, through to outdoor enthusiasts and travellers.

Now, after extensive testing and development, Mappt is available for the Android operating system.

Only for Android…for the time being

Android was chosen as the key development platform because of the closed nature of the Apple iOS.

“Apple has some great features, but some big drawbacks as well,” said Mr Farhand.

“The locked file system really prevented us from doing what is needed in iOS, so we chose Android because it was able to do what the market needed. Our Beta tests have gathered some very positive feedback from users and we plan to continue developing the scope and flexibility of Mappt.”

From amateurs to professionals

Compatible with a number of different GIS formats, Mappt provides an application layer for both amateurs and professionals to integrate information gathered in the field into their existing GIS information databases.

It can import and export a variety of different commercial and free‐to‐use vector and raster image file formats for the recording of information useful to technicians and professionals who need to accurately geo‐located information.

One important feature is the use of real‐time tracking which can be exported to any GIS. By including this, field workers who are off the beaten track can easily find their way to and from previously visited locations without having to make or repeat mistakes, a feature very useful for mining exploration.

Mappt is now available for download via the Google Play store.

For more information, visit the Mappt website at: or contact Neil Prentice (General Manager) :

Mappt: Oil & Gas Exploration

Mappt: Oil & Gas Exploration

Mappt: Geological Mapping

Mappt: Geological Mapping