Introducing Neil Prentice

Scantherma welcomes new Business Development Manager

Scantherma is pleased to announce that Neil Prentice has joined Scantherma as our new Business Development Manager.

Neil has a wealth of experience under his belt: he was the Advisory Services Manager at SEA of which Scantherma is a member, and he was also Project Manager of Commercialisation at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

“I started working with Scantherma after some discussions with [Managing Director] Mr Farhand, who I knew from when I worked at SEA,” says Neil.

“Scantherma did a thermal imaging inspection of the SEA office in Northbridge, looking at the state and quality of the building, and it wasn’t very energy efficient and I became interested in the technology and how it could be used.”

Thermal energy imaging is commonly used in the building industry, property management and energy auditing/thermal inspection industry, both in Europe and the US, but it has yet to take off in Australia.

“It’s a challenge to get the message out to the market,” says Neil. “My background has been working with businesses in the emerging technology and innovation space, and Scantherma is certainly working on some interesting stuff in both the remote sensing and thermal imaging space,” he added.

“Neil has a fantastic CV and it’s great to have him on board,” says Mr Farhand, adding that his wealth of experience in assisting technology and R&D focused companies to bring products and service to commercialisation will be vital to Scantherma’a continued growth. “In particular, we are looking forward to Neil helping us expand our technology offerings in the field of thermal imaging to key market sectors, such as commercial properties, local government and facility managers.”

If you would like a chat and a cuppa with Neil, feel free to contact him on 0414 522 226 or via email at .