A “Grape” Way to Save Energy: Thermal Imaging of a Winery

Scantherma visits Cape Mentelle Winery

In WA, we are extremely proud of our wine. In fact, although Western Australia produces less than 5% of the wine in Australia, in quality terms it is very much near the top. This state is blessed with over 150 wineries which are grouped into different regions by their physical location which include Margaret River, Pemberton, Perth Hills, Great Southern and the Swan Valley.

However, it’s no secret that the local wine industry has struggled in recent months, suffering due to the high Aussie dollar. Now, more than ever, wineries need to find smarter ways to keep their businesses running at optimum efficiency. Using Scantherma’s Thermal Energy Imaging service, they are able to do just that.

Into the Wine Cabernet

Scantherma team members Kieran Stack and Roland Lockhart paid a visit to Cape Mentelle Winery in Margaret River, Western Australia on the 17th of October to conduct a thermal energy imaging inspection. Operations Winemaker Evan Thompson accompanied our team to identify the areas of potential concern.

A safe, fast and non-invasive method, thermal energy imaging reveals the common problems associated with buildings and energy loss without destructive or damaging inspection techniques. “I am sure we will get some benefits from [the inspection],” Thompson said, adding that he looked forward to the findings in the report.

One extremely useful result was the identification of hot/cold spot anomalies such as air stratification in cellars. This is very important since wines need to be stored an an optimal and consistent temperature and humidity.

In addition, the inspection serves as a timely reminder for the wine industry, not only with rising energy prices, but also the extra emphasis on environmental sustainability and being eco-friendly. This builds the case for further thermal imaging for other wineries in the region.

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Kieran inspecting the operations area

Kieran inspecting the operations area

FLIR thermal image of storage tank

FLIR thermal image of storage tank