Hand-Held Thermal Camera Face-off

FLIR i7 comes out in front in independent head-to-head comparison.

Optimum Energy, the US based online energy product retailer has recently pitted the FLIR i7 against the Fluke Ti-100. In this review the FLIR i7 comes out the more economical buying option when comparing cameras with similar features. The extra cost for the Fluke Ti-100, puts it in the price range of the better featured FLIR E series, and thus makes the i7 the best toolbelt size IR camera option for entry level users.

Read the Optimum energy article here.

Scantherma, authorised Australian FLIR distributor, can provide the i7 starting from only $2,890ex. Contact us for more information.

Below are actual images taken by the i7 in real-life working conditions. As you can clearly see, the camera is perfect for tradies ranging from electricians, plumbers and builders.

Actual IR image taken by i7 showing missing insulation (Melbourne)

Actual IR image taken by i7 showing air infiltration (Melbourne)

Actual IR image taken by i7 showing a piping issue (Brisbane)

Identification of electrical hotspots using FLIR i7 camera (Brisbane)