Scantherma partners with NGIS to complete Remote Sensing course for African geologists

Scantherma, in partnership with NGIS has recently been involved in helping train geologists from Ghana and Malawi. The program is funded through an Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships grant from AusAID under the Australia Awards for Development. This is now the third time NGIS has run the training which will be held between March and April, 2012. It includes courses ranging from GIS, Remote Sensing and includes various industry software such as ArcGIS, ER Mapper and Global Mapper.

The aim of the program is to introduce geologists into the importance of utilising GIS and Remote Sensing into their projects. The courses are geared towards ensuring that trainees get a foundation in which to build a strong base upon, then use this base to further develop and implement mineral exploration strategies in their home countries.

The training also compliments other aspects of their study in Australia, by allowing trainees to visit several key mining areas in Western Australia, including Dwellingup and Kalgoorlie.

For further information on the program, please contact Mr Jack Green from NGIS Australia on (08) 9355 6000. Alternatively, for more information on our range of Remote Sensing training programs, please contact us directly at