Inefficient air conditioners cost you money this summer

So summer is finally upon us.

In both our service areas, Perth and Brisbane, the weather has been scorching at times. Lately we have been seeing many inefficient air conditioners in people’s homes. The prime example has been due to blocked vents.

In the following example taken from a home in Perth, we can see a temperature difference of more than 7C between the working and blocked vents. Effectively, this vent is only working at 75% efficiency causing an un-necessarily high power bill since the entire system has to work harder to decrease the room temperature.

Digital image of air conditioner vent

Thermal image clearly showing the blocked vent

Other causes of efficiently working air conditioners include:

•    Poorly maintained systems
•    Inefficiently fitted or out-dated air filtration
•    Gaps in fitting resulting in air exfiltration to unwanted areas

The good news is that all of the above can easily be identified and fixed by undertaking a Scantherma ‘Look-n-Find’ inspection report for only $190ex.

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