Scantherma completes Thermal Energy Inspection of HIA offices

Last December, Scantherma was asked to complete a Thermal Energy Inspection of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Queensland office in West End, Brisbane.

The reason behind the inspection was to assess if there was any evidence of moisture damage following from the Brisbane floods and also assist the HIA Brisbane office to become more energy efficient due to the soaring cost of electricity and to reduce their impact on the environment.

After a successful inspection of the premise, Scantherma was able to locate HIA several areas of concern that when fixed can reduce their energy consumption. Issues that were raised blocked or
poor flowing air-conditioning ducts, missing insulation, and possible moisture damage in several areas with one case leading to a developing mould issue.

Scantherma would like to thank HIA Brisbane office for allowing us to conduct this inspection. We als look forward to assisting HIA members to further promote the use of thermal image technology to assist in energy inspections.

For further information regarding this particular inspection please contact Qld State Manager Mr Daniel Ward via

Residual water leaks showing in floor carpet in HIA Brisbane offices.