Scantherma to complete night time thermal aerial trials

Scantherma will be conducting advanced night time thermal imaging trials over the Perth Metro area this summer.

The exercise will be completed with the help of Perth-based helicopter company Rotorvation.

Using FLIR cameras, Scantherma will be carrying out experiments focused on key areas of summer time airconditioning useage, insulation mapping and building energy leakage.

‘We have been completing this type of work for the past year but we focused on images acquired by satellites and planes. Using helicopters will be a new and novel way of mapping  energy useage over a heavily populated area,’ said Amir Farhand, Director of Scantherma.

‘The applications of this technology are tremendous and we are very excited at working with one of Perth’s premier helicopter companies. We hope this will pave the way to obtaining thermal aerial for smaller areas of interest, such as those required by land developers and local councils.’

Rotorvation, is a wholly Western Australian owned and operated company and has been providing both domestic and commercial helicopter services from its base in Jandakot Airport.

‘We will be using both the R22 and R44 helicopters, allowing the guys to have access to not only day time, but also night time flying’, said Mike Watson, CEO of Rotorvation.

Scantherma will be releasing results of the Perth-based trial in early 2012 with additional editions in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne by mid-2012.


Thermal image of Rotorvation’s R22 helicopter

Scantherma and Rotorvation staff infront of R44 helicopter