Locating water leaks in commercial properties

Locating water leaks in commercial properties can be an expensive proposition. First you have to locate the origin of the problem (a leaking water pipe or a leak in the roof) and then you have to work out the extent of the damage.

Traditionally a plumber would be hired to locate the problem and fix the leak, which can be time consuming and expensive. An easier and less expensive option is available via Scantherma by using thermal technology. Thermal technology can find the location of the leak and establish the extent of the damage quickly because it allows you to see energy or heat.

Advantages of using Scantherma’s thermal inspections to locate water leaks:

  • Quick and easy
  • Establish the extent of the property damage
  • Locate areas that are yet to appear
  • Reduce your plumber costs
  • Reduce building costs, by avoiding the unnecessary destruction of unaffected areas.

Above is an example of a water leak within a commercial property in the Brisbane CBD.














When the plumber has fixed the leak and the building works is complete, a thermal inspection conducted by Scantherma can be used to confirm the affected areas are now dry and no longer a concern.

The benefit of using Scantherma to locate water leaks in commercial properties can make a property manager’s job easier, reduce maintenance costs, and improve their bottom line. For more information, please contact Scantherma at info@scantherma.com.au