Thermal inspections before buying property

For most of us, buying a property is the biggest investment of our lives, which can be very exciting but unfortunately for some it can be a nightmare. However, Scantherma’s thermal inspections before buying a property can help you take comfort in your decision by allowing you to see what the eye can’t.

A Scantherma thermal inspection before buying a property can achieve the following:

  • Locate areas of energy loss
  • Confirm if insulation has been properly installed, or even at all
  • Locate areas that require immediate property maintenance that are not usually visible to the naked eye
  • Confirm if the property has any water leaks or damage
  • Confirm if the property has any mould behind the walls, which can be a major cause of concern in areas of high humidity such as Brisbane

Discovering if the property has areas of concern can be very helpful before entering into a contract. It gives you the advantage of:

  • Negotiating a reduced price for the property
  • Asking for the issues to be fixed before proceeding with the sale
  • Most importantly, it gives you the peace of mind that the property you are about to purchase is sound

As an average home in Australia costs around $500,000, spending as little as $190 to check the property has no hidden secrets is a small price to pay. So before you or your family and friends take the great leap into the property market, consider having a thermal inspection by Scantherma before buying a property, with the advantages it provides.

Above left; moisture contamination in a residential property in Belmont, Brisbane. Above right, missing insulation in the ceiling of a residential property in Rochdale, Brisbane.