Scantherma initiates PALSAR image processing for mineral exploration in Sumatra

Scantherma has commenced a project which will be using over 30 PALSAR scenes to assist with mineral exploration in Sumatra. The project will use PALSAR imagery acquired from the hugely successful Japanese ALOS sensor obtained in 2008.  With a spatial resolution of just 7m, and a wavelength of 23.5cm, the PALSAR scenes will be used to identify the following geological features in Sumatra:

  • Regolith. Extents, and relevance towards regional geology and geomorphology
  • Fault and lineament identification
  • Analysis of folds and curvilinear features. Particularly in western areas where low-lying terrain makes surface features often too subtle for immediate identification

In addition, the project will also make use of the newly released JAXA PALSAR 50m ortho-rectified mosaic of the same region. This product was forms part of the ALOS Kyoto and Carbon Initiative.

Scantherma hopes to complete the project by mid-December 2011,  and will include the compilation of local scale datasets. These will be made available for purchase as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. For more information on specifications and pricing, please contact us on

Fault controlled river system in Sumatra highlighted by PALSAR imagery